Stranded Hair review

I work in retail and I recently came across a brand of hair extensions. Now I have never tried them in the past but one of my colleagues raved about how easy they were and how natural they looked. Plus you don't have to worry about allergic reactions.
I had a browse and was pretty impressed how quickly they found an exact match to my hair colour.
Now my hair has had red, black and now has a balagaye, and the red and black is still there.  Not so noticeable in gloomy British weather but as soon as the sun is out, there is definitely a rainbow going on in my hair.

This weekend I had a wedding to go to so instead of donning an updo filled with foam to get volume, this time I decided to give the extensions a whirl. And you know what? Not one person noticed that they were extensions.
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Everyone including my own children thought it was my own hair with a bit of back brush and hair spray- you should have heard the giggles from the boys when I took them off.

Of course we have a play and clipped them onto Daddys hair and see how he would look in a beard and long hair, but fun aside they really were a bargain and made feel so confident with a healthy head of hair.

I purchased the heat resistant ones for £25 with a natural flick styled into them, which gave my hair a very elegant finish, I tied my hair into a bun the night before so I woke up with a waves and flicks in my hair to match the extensions.

Now if you have thin hair or suffer from hair conditions I think these are pretty awesome to make you feel confident in yourself. You can order samples online to match your hair or upload a photo and they will pick some colours swatches out for you.


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