Weird things that only Indian girls will relate to.

Hilarious concepts' we grew up with.

So, how many of you can relate to these?

  1. Dowsing your hair in oil and plaiting it into pigtails as a child, cos long hair is desirable and your risk of catching nits from other kids is reduced.
  2. Wearing dresses with leggings, cos you can't show your legs, its sexualising.
  3. Wearing socks with pretty sandals, cos you might catch a cold.
  4. Having Weetabix with hot milk, cos cold milk will give you a sore throat.
  5. Force fed Indian Tea for breakfast even when you are not hungry, cos tea fixes everything
  6. Your wardrobe consisting of unisex dungarees and jeans only, so your mum can pass them down to your younger siblings and save money.
  7. Recycling gifts by passing them to others to save money.
  8. Not allowed sleepovers cos you may bring shame to the family or bring home nits.
  9. Being forced to make tea and fry samosa's for guests, cos you need to look like good daughter-in-law material so your mum's friends can market and PR you to potential in-laws.
  10. Getting excited when guests leave and fighting with your siblings over the last samosa or barfi.
  11. The posh thali's and Corelle crockery only made an appearance for special guests
  12. Going to school in indian clothes on Diwali/Vaisakhi/photo day/assembly day/dress down day -any excuse really!
  13. No make up allowed until after you are married.
  14. No talking to boys until after you are married.
  15. Any boy you do talk to must be a brother and sealed with a Rakhi/Rakri
  16. No watching rude western programmes (Kissing/hugging = rude)
  17. Learning to make full indian dinner at ridiculously young age cos you need to grow up to be good wife material.
  18. Being told who is good company and who isn't for your friends circle, cos Indian parents have an opinion on everyone.
  19. Listening to your parents talk shit about their own friends and over analysing every family function.
  20. Your mum gossiping about who was wearing what and how she looked like a monkey/ mutton dressed as lamb.
  21. Your mum biggin' up her friends daughters, when you know they are big hoes when the fam isn't watching.
  22. Your mum complimenting other girls on how thin they are and how fat you are, cos no matter how thin you are you are still fat in her eyes and require improving.
  23. Your mum complimenting other girls on their pretty outfits and hair styles that you are not allowed to have.
  24. No shaving, threading or waxing cos that's the stuff of hoes.
  25. No using tampons cos you might lose your virginity.
  26. Vacuuming as soon as guests have left cos they may have left germs in the house.
  27. Not inviting friends over for playdates cos they'll make a mess.
  28. Being told to hide your netball skirt, cos randomers will find it in your wardrobe and think you're a slut
  29. Sending your old clothes to India for your cousins, including your used bras.
  30. Shopping for cardamom, almonds and nail polishes as gifts for your cousins in India, which has now been replaced with the latest Iphone, Apple Mac, Bobbi Brown Make up palette and Nike trainers.
  31. Pouring oil in the doorway when someone new comes home
  32. Waiting for new guests to give you a fiver before they leave when they visit you for the first time, only to have your mum confiscate it, cos the samosa's don't pay for themselves.
  33. Being offered a juthi/champal for dinner if you refuse to eat indian food
  34. Being offered a juthi/champal for dinner god forbid you mention pizza for dinner
  35. Constantly being told you need to get good grades at school to qualify as a decent house wife.
  36. Only interested in your english and maths scores at parents evening cos the only career to have was as an accountant, lawyer, teacher or banker.
  37. Psyching yourself up to ask for permission for a school trip
  38. Not allowing you to go to Uni out of town limiting your career choices cos you will get corrupted and no one will want to marry you.
  39. Your mum boasting about her friends daughters' career as a movie director in USA and that your choice of career was shit.
  40. Even as a mother to two kids, with a career you will still be a disappointment of a child
  41. Shitting yourself if your parents ever hear you say shut up cos that was classed as a swear word.
  42. Being forced to go temple every Sunday, cos that was part of the marketing to find you a good husband and family.
  43. Your parents being overdramatic by threatening to peel your skin off or break your legs if you didn't listen and obey a simple instruction.
  44. Being force fed yogurt with sugar on the morning of your exams, cos if you don't you won't pass.
  45. Your brother can do no wrong and always gets defended by your parents and you end up getting screwed over even when it's his fault. 
  46. Not allowed out the house after dark, cos you will bring shame to the family and someone may see you and talk.
  47. Not allowed to wear sleeveless cos it's sexualising too.
  48. Going to Punjabi School/ Gujrati School so you learn to read your in-laws post from India for them just like they do in the Bollywood films.
  49. Learning to do prayers cos being married is going to be like a Bollywood film where the daughter-in-law wakes up the in-laws with prayers each morning.
  50. No boyfriends cos you can't be trusted and will bring shame to the family and somebody might see you. No one wants a used girl.
  51. Being told to get a job at 16 but you can't wear the skirt uniform cos it's sexualising.
  52. Not taking selfies with celebrities cos if anyone find out it will bring shame and no-one will want to marry you.
  53. Being emotionally blackmailed for a simple glass of water
  54. Basically it's a no to everything until you are married- once married you can do whatever you want.


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