When I was 13, F.R.I.E.N.D.S made its' debut on TV and my generation absolutely adored the show. At the time my younger sibling also started to get into the show. We had traditional parents so we were never get to learn about what it was like to date or live-in with a partner. My life was heading for an arranged marriage for sure. Just being in the same room as my parents during a kissing scene was embarrassing, the TV channel would be switched over until the scene had passed.
Indian girls should be learning about Kissing and Sex,or even speaking to boys you save that for after marriage- backward, I know!

I learnt so much about adult life from the characters; How relationships have their ups and down with Ross and Rachel being on and off and on and off; How its was ok to be a bit odd (Phoebe), or OK to not know everything about everything (Joey) Not know where you are heading for a career (Rachel) and that its normal to be insecure about things (Ross). 
I could go on and on about what they show brings to the table...

I related to Monica when I was younger, but as I re-watch the show with my teenager, I see myself relating more and more to Chandlers' sarcastic humour these days.

During FRIENDS is the one time that my teenager laughs out load- cos that is a rarity these days. I just have to ask if he's ok or breathe just in general around him and I've managed to piss him right off! 

Thanks to NETFLIX a couple of times a week we both sit and watch the episodes and bond over them (instead of watching him mope like Kevin from Kevin and Perry and tell me how everything is sooooo Borrriiinggg) 
It's so wonderful to see that he enjoys and gets the humour- Joey is still so funny after all these years! 


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