Wedding Siyapa!

Why do weddings cost so much these days?????? 

And I'm not talking about how much it costs the bride and groom, I'm talking about people like me and you. Ok, so this is a bit of rant. My younger self use to look forward to getting together with cousins and having a dance and the late night games and banter and of course the luscious food, but as a mother my perspective has done a 360.

It's the stress of packing up not just my make up and clothes, but all the kit and caboodle the kids and husband will need (Why do husbands behave like another child? We'll get into that another time)
I once forgot to pack my petticoat for my saree in the madness, and we were 100 miles away from home and at least another 40 miles from the nearest indian clothes shop. Good job the mother-in-law had a spare one! (She has her uses)

So here's just a quick run down of what runs through my mind when someone says CLOSE FAMILY WEDDING....

Hotels- cos it's gonna be a late one and I ain't a spring chicken anymore with two sleep deprived kids hanging off me after a late one

Petrol- cos it has to be at some Bollywood themed destination in the middle of nowhere and I bet there'll be no wifi or GPS signal. My car is a beast (Babbar sher if you will, so it drinks alot.)

My outfits- cos you wouldn't be seen dead repeating an outfit from Pinky's wedding which only happened yesterday! Guaranteed some Masi will rock up and call you out for it. Anyway, are anarkali's even still on trend???

Kids outfits- why do they grow up so fast!!!! No-one will notice if the kids repeat the same shirt and tie but will the last pair of posh trousers from Zara I purchased fit my angel- NO.

Husbands outfits- Why does he insist on colour co-ordinating with me? (OK maybe that one is my own fault pre-kids days)

Back up kids outfit- cos the little one is guaranteed to do a Firmino celebration whilst playing with his cousins- only gods know what the latest one is so best to cover all angles for rips, tears and skid marks!

Wedding gift- good job the gift list phenomenon hasn't hit the midlands yet! NO BOXED GIFTS INDEED!

Snacks- with two growing boys they are always hungry, specially the young one, so the added expense of meals and snacks not catered for.

At least no-one is going to spot the earrings I recycled, eh?


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