Veg Fest review

I've been a vegetarian since the age of 9. People find that so strange when they learn I'm a sikh that's vegetarian. Stereotypically we love our meat and booze, not me. I don't drink either (one drink at NYE doesn't count).

I loved my meat as a child, chicken curries, fish and chip Fridays, sausage, egg and bacon on Sundays but then a trip to India when I was 9 was what kicked it off. Living in a village, I saw an entire food chain from farm to plate and watching my maternal uncle wring the neck on a chicken, was enough cruelty to last me a lifetime.

Ever since, I really struggled when dining out to find an edible vegetarian option. I was always limited to Quorn, Mushroom or Paneer. I even spent my 2 week honeymoon in Cyprus on Omelette, chips and salad. Soya and Quorn always tastes like cardboard and over salted. 

But these last couple of years being a vegetarian or a vegan is becoming so trendy. What was seen as a hippy lifestyle is now seen as being middle class and refined with morals and care for the world. A lot of cruelty free products and recyclable packing are associated with Vegan events now, so its not just about food.

This weekend the vegan festival run by Veg Fest visited Leicester and a friend and I decided to check it out. She'd been before to one and said it was really good.

There was about 80 stall including Cakes, fudges, brownies, beers, cocktails, clothing, nail polish, make up, protein powders, burgers, cooking sauces, dips, creams, masks, lotions, candles, jewellery and homewares. Plus workshops on the stage.

Having been a baker I had to stop and admire the baked goods.

Our first taster was a couple of protein powders, one of them was Tevani Pro Gingerbread flavour which had no gingerbread taste to it. The rest either tasted horrible and gritty or left a nasty taste in our mouth or were not value for money. So no purchases there.

Our first purchase was Yau's Satay Sauce. I tried the Sweet and Sour which was had a little too much sour kick to it for me. But the Satay sauce, we couldn't taste the difference. It was really good and it was nut free- the seeds emulated that same texture as peanuts so we both bagged a couple of these. My eldest likes Chinese cuisine.

Next I was in awe of Elixir by Saarah's packaging for her skin oils. After having a chat with her I decided to try some of the Limited Edition Rose super seed Night oil. It has a really subtle fragrance as rose can be overpowering and the oils soaked right into my skin. I have dry itch skin and some eczema and the oil really did help calm my skin down. 

Next my friend pick up a couple of bamboo coffee cups in some really quirky designs. I hovered over by the make up and decided to give Zao nail polish ago.
I pick up a dusty rose colour similar to an Essie polish I have.
I needed to apply two coats but the overall finish was great and it dried very quickly.

We were getting hungry now and headed to the back of the room . There was Mirch Masala from Leicester, another Indian food stall, some buddha bowls tyoe offer (which had been sat at room temperature whilst we had been there which must have been about 3 hours), Bubble and Squeak, Ice cream and a Burger stall. The burger stall had the biggest queue and since we eat Indian food regularly we joined the queue for the burger.

Hands down it was worth the wait and one of the best veggie burgers I have had.

Before heading off I picked up a couple of brownies for my little one from Baked by Neelu, which once home were consumed in 0.30 secs so didn't get a chance to snap a photo.

We never made it to the workshop and to be honest the sightlines didn't look great unless you were on the first 2 rows and being in the same room as the stalls you probably couldn't hear much either, so we didn't bother.

Overall for my first vegan event it wasn't too bad. However it was popular and the venue and stalls were poorly organised. It got really crowded and we were having to fight through the browsers at each stall to get past so we decided to leave early. We probably would have stayed, browsed and made some more purchases if we could have gotten to the stalls to see what they had on offer. the event had plenty of media attention with the local TV and Paper both having made the effort to come out on a Sunday.

My advice if you are going to any of Veg Fest's vegan fairs is to definitely
upgrade your ticket to VIP with the goody bag- it was worth it!

If you missed out this time don't worry they are touring the country so you can check out an upcoming event


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