Stylist Live 

At the last Stylist Live event in Olympia London I came home with a huge haul of beauty products- most of them got shipped to my sister in law (nanad) but I kept a few for myself.  I've never really had a beauty regime and my good skin is attributed to drinking lots of water (and maybe the tons of Ginger, Garlic and Onion I consume)

But now that I'm on the road to the 40's I thought I better start paying some attention.
I came across a skin care brand offering an eye serum in a mask as a sample. I stopped to have a chat with the owner (sometimes I can't help getting into work mode!) after a brief chat I walked away having purchased 4 masks that I split with my sister in law (Bhabi) I of course grabbed anything that indicated a reduction in wrinklage!

So far I have used the Eye serum mask, the mask had enough serum to cover my whole face so i did. After 20 mins I peeled back the soft cotton wipes and let my skin soak in what was left over. My skin felt so light and fresh and clean! 

I have sensitive skin and it didn't burn or react at all.
They were a new brand so you can check them out here>>>


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