So I have a university age sister-in-law and she's recently been getting into her make up. At the last Stylist Live event at the Olympia in London, I brought back a haul of products for both of us, well I say both of us but most of it was shipped off to her. I'll be reviewing some of the freebies I got - more on that later! 

At the time she raved about these from Beauty Glazed they come in a lip gloss type container but are a lipstick that dries matte. They looked good so I decided to get myself some and boy are they great! They stay on once dried and wont smudge off - unless you started to eat and drink. 

You know how sometimes getting a pack there's always a shade or two that isn't just right for your complexion? Not with these. I love the colours, they are all easy to wear.

Beauty Glazed has recently had a lot of great reviews for their lines and being compared Huda products, so if you have been a little hesitant in having a dabble, £1 a piece you simply can't go wrong. I also have sensitive and usually stick to well-known brands but I wore these all weekend and they have been fine on my skin.

We purchased them from Amazon and Ebay for about £6 per pack.

#sensitiveskin #beautyglazedreview #mattelips 


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