Challenge Accepted

Why does my second born think it's ok to re-negotiate and challenge anything I ask from him? I swear second borns are sent to test our patience and push every goddamn button!

In my house getting lippy just reached a whole other level!  This child sees everything that comes out of my mouth as a challenge- Literally! He thinks he is Barney from How I met your Mother.  
My eldest is a very calm and compliant child, he's always done as he is told and didn't get lippy until he hit his teenage years. But this one is a whole other breed to deal with. 
I don't want to curb his energy and enthusiasm but just wish he would just do as I ask sometimes and toned down the diva in him.

So over the weekend I asked him to complete his homework so he could have the rest of the weekend to chill. It was a simple project based on international womens' day. He had to pick a famous female, do some research and present what he had learnt in any format he wanted. 
He went through some names including JK Rowling, Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, Rosa Parks...he settled with JK Rowling- no surprises there.
But then what he actually managed to do is get Daddy, to do his homework for him. UNBELIEVABLE! So the format he chose was to delegate the task.

To be fair to my hubby, I fell for it a couple of weeks ago by spending my entire Saturday, making him a football out of plastic bags. Before I knew it he was off playing and I was sat there engrossed in knitting this ball together. To top it off his imagination wondered off into wanting to enter a sustainability competition at school by creating other recycled sports equipment. Bonus points for entrepreneurship!

It's the same with meal times, I have to practically bribe him with a pud to get some veggies down him. 20 mins of reading is balanced out with device time and so on...
But sometimes he does come up with a good point.

Over the weekend he said 'Mummy why don't we go to a Gurdwara?' 

Well played dude, that's a good point! (maybe there is a positive twist to his extrovert personality) We pop into the Mandir from time to time but it's been years since I stepped inside a Sikh temple

I guess the older I get, I'm not feeling the religion vibes anymore, but it doesn't mean that I don't expose them to the basics. Don't get me wrong I still very much live my life by; 

Kirit karo (earn your living)
Vand ke shako (share your resources/food)

But it stops there. Nam japo (pray to god) has fallen off my radar for several reasons including political agendas and how some use religion to justify their behaviour and manipulate others. Some of the basic teachings of just being a kind human being are getting lost. 

I'm not raising them to follow one religion or another but It is my duty to make sure they are well informed if they decide to one day. So I said we would go one weekend, but between me and you, it's been so long..... is matha-tek still done the same way???? 


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